You can heal your life

It is appropriate that the first post on this site is about You can heal your life by Louise L. Hay. It was a pioneering book on the subject of self-help and has changed the life of millions of people, including myself.

According to Louise the success of the book is her ability to ´help people change without laying guilt on them´ which makes sense since the core message here is that you can only change your life if you learn how to love yourself properly. It also promises that if you are ready to do your mental work, then almost anything can be healed. Louise’s methods are very empowering and can be life changing if you are up for the challenge.

In You can heal your life Louise preaches that the root of problems and in fact the most common problem in itself is the belief: ‘I am not good enough’ also known as lack of self-love. She encourages you to ask yourself where these limiting beliefs come from and to find peace with them. She inspires you to accept yourself unconditionally and points out ways to do so, such as:

  1. Replacing should with could in your vocabulary.

Should is a dangerous word says Louise because it makes you feel like you are in position of being wrong and guilty, that is not accepting yourself, which runs contrary to Louise’s philosophy which is never to criticize ourselves. Louise recommends using could instead of should. For example:

‘I should go on a healthier diet’ versus  ‘I could go on a healthier diet’

  1. Releasing the past

The past is over and done and we can’t change it. But we can change our thoughts about the past.

To be able to release the past you must be willing to forgive. Even if you don’t know how and may not want to. The fact that you are willing begins the healing process.

  1. Forgiving

Forgiving yourself and others is an amazing way of letting go of hatred and negative emotions trapped within that can lead to positive changes in your life. Hay details several useful exercises in the book to forgive ourselves and others. Doing so will release you from the prison of the past and lead you towards a new and happier life.

For me to read You can heal your life was such an eye opener since it taught me that my state of mind actually produces the reality that I live in. It also brought to my attention that you get what you focus on. I also find her theory of the connection between diseases and the mind quite interesting and I believe that she cured her own cancer, although I´m also a firm believer in western medicine and have had to put my trust on it in my life. I guess it is all good in a mix. At least using her affirmations has helped me to heal sore muscles and tensions in the body so there must be something there! 🙂